Center’s mission and objectives

Consiliere şi Orientare în Carieră

Cunoaste-ti propriile abilităţi şi interese profesionale

Counselling and Career Guidance – Know your own skills and professional interests

The mission of Counselling and Lifelong Career Guidance Center is to coordinate all counselling and career guidance activities at „Vasile Goldiș” Western University of Arad in order to meet the counseling and career guidance needs expressed by students.

The main purpose of the Center is to ensure that students and graduates know their own skills and professional interests, in order to adequately choose a career in line with their psychological profile, aspirations, studies of their choice, trade requirements and existing occupations, in the context of requirements of economic, social and cultural development of Romanian society and European Union.

Fundamental objectives of the Counselling and Lifelong Career Guidance Center are the following:

  • guiding young people to make correct and realistic decisions about the opportunities that they have in terms of educational and professional trajectory, based on which they could build a successful career;
  • youth counselling to harmonize individual educational and professional aspirations with the social values system, with a desirable social behavior, as well as personal skills and abilities;
  • extend the range of services offered by the university to its students, but also to other individuals/companies;
  • development of University’s human resources;
  • connecting University’s programs to labor market needs, but also to the aspirations of young generations;
  • employment support offered to the university’s graduates, which helps further improve the image of the organization.

In order to implement the fundamental objectives of the Counselling and Lifelong Career Guidance Center, the following specific objectives have been laid out:

  • Transmission of quantitative and qualitative information to students about the labor market and the specific trends in order to boost motivation and aspirations regarding education, profession and career;
  • Transmission of information to students about the opportunities that they have in terms of curricula that can form a coherent educational path so that they can build a global, realistic and pragmatic perspective on the structure and dynamics of professions and occupations in our country and on European level;
  • Facilitating student access to internship programs conducted within various institutions and partner organizations so that they can gain specific skills necessary to perform the tasks corresponding to various professions and occupations;
  • Students’ psychological testing and evaluation to identify the level of compatibility between their personal skills and abilities and their educational and professional aspirations;
  • Improving employment opportunities by developing the skills corresponding to searching and lending a job by informing them about the system of values ​​and social behaviour.