Offered activities and services


Consiliere şi Orientare în Carieră

Cunoaste-ti propriile abilităţi şi interese profesionale

Services of the Counselling and Career Guidance Center (CCGC) fall into three categories:

  • Career counselling;
  • Professional training;
  • Psychological counselling.

Who can benefit from the center’s services?

  1. VGWU students,
  2. VGWU graduates,
  3. VGWU teaching and research staff,
  4. VGWU auxiliary didactic and research staff,
  5. VGWU administrative technical staff.

Counselling and Career Guidance Center also conducts activities in order to actively contribute to the alignment between students’ skills and expectations and labor market requirements, for example:

  • Testing, assessing and knowing students’ potential;
  • Conducting activities focused on informing and guiding students’ career;
  • Provide the opportunity of voluntary practice to students from various faculties;
  • Improving employment opportunities on the labor market;
  • Facilitates the meeting between employers and students;
  • Delivery of trainings and workshops for developing skills and competencies necessary to adapt to the labor market.

Schedule individual counselling sessions

Individual career counselling sessions can be scheduled by phone (0257/259555) or by e-mail (