“Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad, a fortress of Transylvanian Euro-regional science and culture.

“Tudor Arghezi” Library

Established in 1990, “Tudor Arghezi” Library of „Vasile Goldiș” Western University of Arad constitutes a system that includes a central unit and 19 specialized units (libraries from faculties, departments, studies and research centers, as well as University subsidiaries’ libraries) forms the documentary basis necessary to the academic community through a free access to a wide variety of information resources: over 528,000 volumes (98,000 titles), 77 subscriptions for specialized national and international periodicals, 5 databases (LEGISplus, web of science (Thomson Reuters), science direct, springerLink, CEEOL) archive with students’, MA and PhD students’ graduation works and an archive for periodicals.


Address: 85-87 Revoluţiei Boulevard, Arad
Phone.: 0257285117
E-mail: biblioteca@uvvg.ro | bibliotecaro@yahoo.com
Working hours: Monday-Friday 09.00-20.00


Biblioteca Tudor Arghezi Arad


Continuously provides quality and efficient services, develops, maintains and provides access to a broad range of informational resources in a balanced way, in order to achieve academic excellence, by analyzing the selection of sources and informational resources for a modern development of the education system, offers assistance in retrieving information, development of students’ ability to select, assess and use bibliographic materials, offers facilities to effectively enable study, research, by providing access to the entire documentary fund, serving as a meeting and ideas exchange space between the student that is newly engaged in a study program and a dedicated researcher in the field.

The growth rate of the book holding is of 3,000 tomes/ year (purchasing new works, inter-library exchanges, and donations), with an average of 800 titles. The books distribution on the main fields of study is shown in the diagram below:

Renewal Rate of the Book Holding: % titles / fields / years