“Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad, a fortress of Transylvanian Euro-regional science and culture.


Institution Organizing Doctor’s Degree University Studies.

The Counsel of Doctor’s Degree University Studies (CSUD) has the following members:


  • Ph.D. Univ. prof. Anca Hermenean


    • Ph.D. Univ. prof. Maria Pușchită
    • Ph.D. Univ. prof. Alexandru Pop
    • Ph.D. Univ. prof. Istvan Krizbai
    • Prof. Ph.D. DHC Felix Unger, Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg, Austria
    • Drd. Moldovan Silviu
    • Drd. Sonia Arleziana Căruntu
    • Honor member: Prof. Ph.D. DHC Ștefan W Hell