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Linguistic testing

International Center for Linguistic Testing

The International Center for Linguistic Testing, Assessment and Academic Counseling (C. I. T.L.E.C.A.) appeared as a severe need to assess and acknowledge the linguistic skills, by granting certificates with a wide national, and especially international coverage.

Centrul de testari lingvistice Arad

IELTS Test (International English Language Testing System) – represents a mandatory requirement for immigrating to Canada, Australia, New Zealand;

TOEFL Test (Test of English as a Foreign Language) -measures the candidates’ ability to communicate in English at colleges and universities. It is acknowledged by more than 6,000 institutions from over 130 countries, enjoying the widest acknowledgment among the English language test all over the world. It is available both in classical format, on paper (PBT) and online (iBT).

TOEIC Test (Test of English for International Communication) – assesses the English language linguistic skills of any person, as used in daily activities, but it is necessary especially to the ones working in an international environment or to young people or students who wish to find a job, to all those interested in this type of certification.

BMAT – has three sections and addresses the ones interested in general or veterinary medicine in the Oxford and Cambridge centers; it lasts two hours, assesses skills, abilities, scientific and practical knowledge.

ELAT – necessary to the ones applying for a specialization in the field of modern or classical literature at Oxford; it lasts 90 minutes, consists in elaborating an essay comparing two or three themes from prose or poetry.

TSA – required by Oxford/Cambridge for the ones wishing to study philosophy, politics and economics; it lasts two hours, it is structured in two sections: the first assesses critical thinking, and the second requirement is the drafting of an essay on a given theme.

STEP – required for the high school graduates wishing to study Mathematics at Oxford and Cambridge.

Another type of tests is represented by the tests organized and held according to the conditions of Collegeboard and Educational Testing Service USA, namely:

LSAT – administered four times/year in worldwide centers, among which the one in Arad.

GRE – standard test required for admission in USA schools, Master’s Degrees, Doctor’s Degrees; based on the assessment of abstract thinking from the field of mathematics, vocabulary and analytical texts.

ECL Test – European Consortium for Languages, administered 3 times/year for the English, German, French and Romanian languages.


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