Universitatea de Vest „Vasile Goldiş” din Arad, o cetate a ştiinţei şi culturii arădene, transilvane şi euro-regionale.

About VGWU students

Students of „Vasile Goldiș” Western University of Arad are not only beneficiaries of educational services, but active partners in the management of student academic quality.

According to the “Statute of Students” and “Regulation for the election and dismissal of students with representation functions”, students are voting members of the Faculty Councils and University Senate, with a 25% representation percentage.

Legally established student bodies are:
– “VASILE GOLDIŞ” STUDENT ORGANIZATION (Civil Sentence no.29/30.01.1998);
– STUDENTS’ ADVISORY BOARD (with its own organizational and functional Regulation).

These bodies have joined the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania. At the same time, Professional Student Associations also operate at the university also operates that bring a significant entrepreneurial added value to the local community. Thus, “Medical Students’ Association” provides free medical services for the elderly and disadvantaged social categories.

Students are involved in scientific research and they are active in 53 student scientific circles. Scientific production in student sections is validated during “Arad Academic Days”, in “Student diary”, “Student Life” publications, and in faculties’ professional journals.

In accordance with Regulations annexed to the University Charter, students benefit from a social infrastructure, leisure and complete in-house vocational training at the University. Students also benefit from an excellence scholarship program, merit scholarships and social grants.

The social offer is complemented by: a student dormitory, Casa Universitarilor şi Studenţilor, Sports complex, C.S.U. “Vasile Goldiş” stadium, Gloria stadium, Atheneu Student Club, Medical consulting rom, Internet club, Gaudeamus lodge from Izoi, Moneasa, Castle and Botanical Garden from Macea, Săvarşin tourist complex, Nădab tourist complex.

Along with student artistic teams and “Ikon” photo circle, a significant sporting activity takes place at “Universitatea” Sports Club. The performance of elite athletes should be mentioned as they are the “ambassadors” of Romania’s image in the world and winners of European championships, members of national and Olympic teams.

Vocational guidance and employment support office provides part-time or full-time employment opportunities to students and university graduates.
Based on the European Credit Transfer System, students benefit from mobility within the country and abroad. As a member of the European University Association (E.U.A) and the European Federation of Schools (F.E.D.E), university students participated in European student competitions and projects.

Starting with the academic year 1990-1991, which was the first year of operation, the number of students has steadily increased.
Along with the numerical increase in the number of students, their contribution to the insitution’s management has also increased and materialized through students’ participation in the University Senate and Faculty Councils, with a 25% representation percentage, but also through the contribution of Students’ Advisory Board, a body that was established during the academic year 1997 – 1998, as well as through “Vasile Goldiş” Student Organization (civil sentence no.29/30.01.1998).

Students have also been involved in the structure of academic quality through Pro Quality Academic program – their entire activity is conducted based on the Student Statute and Regulations.

Students engage in the institution’s entrepreneurial relations by participating in scientific research topics, contracted with socio-economic environment, and by achieving results that reinforce the prestige of Arad academic environment in Romania and abroad.
University, through its student editors, has steadily contributed during recent years to the development of local media (daily newspapers, InfoTv, Arad TV where the University is a shareholder and a founding member).

Students of „Vasile Goldiș” Western University enjoy a full social offer:

  • Dormitory and student canteen – 57 Cocorilor str. (P+4 building that provides 400 beds in increased comfort rooms, each equipped with a restroom);
  • Atheneu student club – 78 Revoluţiei Boulevard  (which hosts the activities of artistic teams “Teatrul Ludic”, “Gaudeamus”,” “Unirea, Centrul Foto Ikon”, club activities, etc.);
  • Sports complex – 1 Praporgescu str. (headquarters of A.C.U. Sports association, volleyball, basketball, tennis, handball fields);
  • Internet Club – 85-87 Revoluţiei Boulevard;
  • Gaudeamus Izoi – Moneasa lodge (offering 40 beds, food serving unit, ski slope, tourist guidance, etc.) is dedicated to applicative activities, camps, cantonments of student athletes;
  • Gloria stadium (athletics)
  • Vasile Goldiş C.S.U. stadium (for football)
  • Săvârşin tourist resort (offers 24 double rooms equipped with a restroom, a conference room)
  • Nădab tourist resort (Canalul morilor) – practice base for students
  • Macea University Complex (provides 120 beds) and Macea University Botanical Garden.

Students receive the following social services free of charge:

  • Medical assistance (medical consulting room – 1 Praporgescu str. and Aurel Vlaicu Polyclinic);
  • Consulting and employment support (Consultancy Bureau – 85-87 Revoluţiei Boulevard);
  • European information (European Information Center 85-87 Revoluţiei Boulevard created in partnership with Arad Local Council);
  • Activity of the Consultative Students’ Council, “Vasile Goldiş” Student Organization takes place in their headquarters located on 94-96 Revoluţiei Boulevard.

Professional student associations – Medical Students’ Association, ELSA Association of students from the Faculty of Law – are also active at the University.

Student scientific activity of the 53 student scientific circles is annually materialized during Arad Academic Days, in sections dedicated exclusively to students, but also in “PRO LEGE”, “ARADUL MEDICAL”, “PERSPECTIVE”, “ECONOMIA MILENIULUI III”, “JURNAL STUDENȚESC” specialized magazines.

Jurnal Studentesc Honorary President: Aurel Ardelean Director: Marius Grec Viata Studenteasca Honorary President: Aurel Ardelean Director: Marius Grec

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