“Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad, a fortress of Transylvanian Euro-regional science and culture.

Message of the Management of the University

Aurel ARDELEAN: Rector fondator – Președintele UVVG

Set up in 1990, in the 29 years of existence, “Vasile Goldis” Western University of Arad has become a fortress of Transylvanian and Euro-regional science and culture, integrated into the European space of research and education, being affiliated to international organizations among which: The European Universities Association – EUA, Magna Charta Observatory, “Carolus Magnus” European Consortium, Danubian Rector’s Conference – DRC, Association of Trans-Carpathian Universities, The International Association of University Presidents – IAUP, The European Academy of Sciences and Arts of Salzburg – Austria, the Euro-Asian Universities Union – EURAS and holds the vice-presidency of the European Federation of Schools – FEDE, institution that participates to the work sessions of the European Council.

Under the auspices of the University Senate, the integration of scientific research with university education and professional practice is provided by increasing the academic quality in a pluridisciplinary, innovative and multicultural dimension, carried out in real laboratories of research and scientific training: The Institute of Life Sciences, The Technological and Business Incubator ITA, the Socio-Humanistic Research Center, The Jewish Studies Center, the Romanian-Brazilian Center, The Italian Cultural Center, The “Fr. Schiller” Center of German Studies.

Nowadays, “Vasile Goldis” Western University of Arad, as an academic postmodern institution, of humboldtian type constitutes a forum of free ideas, a communion of education in the spirit of truth, good, beauty, civic and democratic ideals and an iconic landmark regarding the way of guaranteeing quality.

The institutional development of our University is and shall remain a meritorious one, organically connected to the expectations of its spiritual mentor, Vasile Goldis, to the founding members of the local community, to the outstanding teaching staff, students, undergraduates, PhD candidates and post-doctorate students.
The prestige “Vasile Goldis” Western University boasts with abroad has been emphasized by the huge number of foreign students coming to study and to enroll into different programmes of study. Young people from Italy, France, Morocco, India, Israel, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Algeria, Tunis, Hungaria, Sweden and from other parts of the world are currently studying medicine in Romanian, French and English.

Also, thanks to its remarkable performances registered so far, our University has become a partner of more than 50 prestigious academic institutions from the country and worldwide, actively participating to the socio-economic and cultural development of Romania.

Faithful to its traditional creed “Through Our Own Selves!” the gates of the University of Arad are widely open to all youngsters who want to attend higher educational studies, to the members and organizations of the communities of Arad who have supported and backed the development of an academic community institution like ours. I also want to thank to all those who share the philosophy of the spiritual patron of UVVG and I therefore invite them, with gratitude, to share the joys and challenges with the academic staff of the University, by participating to different scientific and cultural manifestations organized in the lecture halls of the University Campus.

RECTOR: Coralia-Adina COTORACI, Prof. PhD

Coralia Adina COTORACI Rector UVVG