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Admission 2018 – 2019

Admission UVVG

Permanent Registration and Information Center

Address: Arad, Revoluției Blvd. no. 94
Telephone: 0748 988 884 / 0257 280 373
E-mail: admitere@uvvg.ro


For the specializations Medicine, Medicine (in English), Medicine (in French), Balneo-Physio-Kinesiotherapy, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Nutrition and Dietetics, the registrations will be performed on the platform: https://admitere.uvvg.ro.

The registration may be performed from any Internet connected device by filling in the form with the requested acts in attachment. In order to provide help, the University is to make available devices and technical assistance at the Centre for Information and Registrations.


Bachelor Academic Studies

Law Field

  1. Law Specialization

 Marketing Field

  1.  Marketing Specialization
  2.  Marketing (at Satu Mare) Specialization
  3.  Marketing (at Baia Mare) Specialization
  4.  Marketing (at Zalău) Specialization
  5.  Marketing (at Marghita) Specialization

Business Administration Field

  1. Business Administration Specialization
  2. Business Administration (in English) Specialization
  3. Economy of Trade, Tourism and Services (at Sebiş) Specialization

Accounting Field

  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping Information Systems Specialization
  2. Accounting and Bookkeeping Information Systems (at Satu Mare) Specialization
  3. Accounting and Bookkeeping Information Systems (at Baia Mare) Specialization

Management Field

  1. Management of the Sustainable Rural Development (at Baia Mare) Specialization

Computer Science Field

  1. Informatics Specialization

Geography Field

  1. Geography of Tourism (at Baia Mare) Specialization

Forestry Field

  1. Forestry Specialization

Engineering and management in agriculture and rural development Field

  1.  Engineering and Management in Public Food Services and Agri – tourism (at Satu Mare) Specialization

 Applied Modern Languages Field

  1.  Applied Modern Languages (English, French, German) Specialization

Language and History Field

  1. Chinese Language and Literature – English Language and Literature Specialization

History Field

  1.  History Specialization

International Relations and European Studies  Field

  1.  International Relations and European Studies Specialization
  2.  International Relations and European Studies (at Satu Mare) Specialization

Sciences of the Communication Field

  1.  Communication and Public Relations Specialization

Educational Science Field

  1. Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education Specialization
  2. Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education (Satu Mare) Specialization
  3. Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education (Baia Mare) Specialization
  4. Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education (Zalau) Specialization

Social Care Field

  1.  Social Care Specialization

Psychology Field

  1. Psychology Specialization

Sociology Field

  1.    Human Resources Specialization

Physical Education and Sport Field

  1.  Physical and Sport Education Specialization

 Health Field

  1. Medicine Specialization
  2. Medicine (in French) Specialization
  3. Medicine (in English) Specialization
  4. Balneo-Physio-Kinesiotherapy and Recovery Specialization

Biology Field

  1.  Biology Specialization

 Health Field

  1.   Dentistry Specialization
  2.   Dental Technique Specialization

 Health Field

  1.  Pharmacy Specialization
  2.  Nutrition and Dietetics Specialization


Master Academic Studies

 Law Field

  1.  Institutions of Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law Specialization
  2.  Institutions of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law Specialization
  3.  Family Protection and Social Care Services Specialization

Computer Science Field

Forestry Field

Marketing Field

Business Administration Field

Accounting Field

 Administrative sciences Field

  1.  European Administrative Policies Specialization

Sciences of the Communication Field

  1. Managerial Communication and Human Resources Specialization
  2. Mass-media and Public Communication Specialization

International Relations and European Studies Field

Psychology Field

Sciences of the Education Field

  1.   Educational Management Specialization

Philology Field

History Field

Sciences of the Sport and Physical Education Field

 Biotechnologies Field

  1. Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies Specialization
  2. Biology and Molecular Biotechnologies with Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications Specialization

Biology Field

  1.  Laboratory Analysis Used in the Biomedical Field Specialization
  2. Biomedical Sciences Specialization

Medicine Field

  1. Community Medicine and Family Health Specialization
  2. Social Medicine and Healthcare Management Specialization