“Vasile Goldis” Western University of Arad was the first university in Romania to suspend courses starting February 24, 2020, a welcome preventive measure considering the situation, measure also approved by the County Committee for Emergency Situations and endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Research.

Since March 9, 2020, we have started the courses again online, on the UVVG Moodle platform, which we have been equipped with for a long time, an interactive platform, with bidirectional communication where both students and teaching staff can register at the same time, where courses or conferences can be uploaded and essays can be published. Currently, there is intense activity on this platform.

For the students of Medicine, we have prepared case presentations, according to the subject description, each subject holder preparing an appropriate conduct measure. In regards to the hygiene, all our work areas and locations are periodically sanitized, disinfected and, ever since the beginning of the situation, we have made masks, gloves and disinfectant gel available to our employees.

The measures decided together with the management of UVVG for our employees was of a shifted program in order to avoid crowded areas, for those travelling with the public transport, and also work from home for the situations where this program can be carried out in this manner.

In regards to the correspondence, it is currently carried out exclusively online, with the electronic registration office which we are equipped with, which is a much more efficient and preventive means of communication.

We have tried to act preventively, coming to the help of our students and teaching staff, and I want to mention again that in this situation we are close to you, to all our Romanian and international students, as well as to our colleagues, teaching staff and non-teaching and auxiliary staff.

During this entire period, the management has been present and will continue to be available, we are all together in this situation and we are sure that, together, we shall overcome this period successfully.

At the same time, I would like to mention that we took all the necessary steps, decided by the County Committee for Emergency Situations, in order to make our Nadab location available for quarantine, for free, and we consider it a beneficial gesture, as at that time, it was the only solution for solving the emergency situations that might have showed up.

Thank You!