Today the Faculty of Law has a new management that wishes to continue its rich tradition but is also eager to add a new direction by strengthening the ties with the elite European law-making institutions.

The Faculty of Law was established in 1990 by the “Vasile Goldis” University Foundation, being the first private institution within the Romanian higher education system. The Law passed by the Parliament of Romania in March 2012 confirmed its definitive accreditation.
During its 28 years of activity The Faculty of Law of Arad has been reknown among the other specialized and traditional institutions of Romania as one with exceptional resources and human potential. The quality of teaching has reached national and European standards and the alumni results imposed final accreditation.
The tradition represented by School of Law from Cluj has had a powerful influence on the evolution of this new higher education institution. Renown university professors like T. Drăganu, V. Hanga, M. Mureşan, I. Deleanu, L. Pop, M. Niciu, M. Basarab, A. Sida, I. Iovănaş, I. Mircea, M. N. Costin, I. Turcu, Gh. Mateuţ taught in Arad , some of them even appointed deans of our faculty: V. Hanga, M. Basarab, I. Deleanu.

We have undertaken the task of preparing the next generation of law practitioners. We boast an exceptional staff formed of experienced practising professors representing all areas of the law: lawyers, notaries public, judges, councilors, police officers, etc. The students benefit from this being always a step ahead of the theoretical issues due to the practical training and case studies.
There are many partnerships between our institution and different law firms and local authorities, all offering students multiple possibilities to practise specific law domains.
The Law School has been publishing the Journal of Legal Studies, a journal of interest not only for students but also for practitioners of law for decades. Its general topics refer to the domain of judicial studies. It contains articles and studies in the fields of private law, public law, European law, but also articles dealing with case analysis and judicial practice. As proof of its value the journal has been included in many reknown international databases.
Scientific research has been carried out by organizing the judicial section of the annual international symposium « The Academic Days of Arad », by studies published in national and international journals other than the ones belonging to the university, by staff members taking part in national and international conferences and workshops along with prestigious national and international representatives of the law. The most significant examples of the high level of scientific research in our institution can be found on the pages of this site.

The students have an active role in the teaching process being at its center and being motivated to take part in research and practical activities, but also in the extracurricular ones. Living in the digital era, we have replaced the traditional methods with modern ones by using video, online courses and communicative teaching, power point projections and presentations. We have encouraged research activity among our students, and those who distinguished themselves have been offered participation in national and international events.

In the last years The Faculty of Law has enlarged its international relations by establishing cooperation with other famous higher education institutions such as The University of Padova, the University of Milan, The University of Valencia, The University of Istanbul. As a direct result of this, intensive students and academic staff exchange. It is important to mention the Erasmus + program promoted by our institution which offers students the chance to improve their knowledge in the most respected European universities.

The faculty of Law has a didactic and scientific infrastructure, consisting of laboratories of criminology, modern languages, computer-science, human rights protection and « Tudor Arghezi Central Library. There are also classes and amphitheatres designed for study with permanent access to internet.
We invite you to study in a prestigious institution!
We are looking forward to you to become our colleagues and partners!