Student’s Guide

The “Vasile Goldiș” Western University of Arad offers an opportune environment for learning and personal growth. Benefiting from these study options,
our students will acquire both intellectual and technical skills. Set in a multicultural context, the university encourages trust
own strengths and real concern for others in our community and around the world.

The student guide was born from our passion to help and educate the new generations and to make their period of accommodation at the University easier. Thus, with the help of this useful guide, new students and not only, will have beneficial information to ensure a period of study
full of satisfaction within the university. Students from the Western University “Vasile Goldiș” in Arad are expected to follow and comply with all university, local and state regulations. They are asked to take personal responsibility for their conduct and behavior.

The statements included in this academic resource guide describe the ideal procedures for living and learning together at this university, providing a better understanding of the components of this university but also of the fundamental principles on which this institution is based.

What Does It Comprise?

It contains useful information for both future students and those already enrolled about what they need to know about the university from colleges to extracurricular programs.

Student’s guide