About us

The International Relations Department aims to develop and maintain partnerships with both academia and other international institutions. Through the diversity of study programs offered in international languages, the large number of foreign students, research programs and the mobility of teachers and students, the university has become a city of science and culture in Arad, national and international.

“Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad is affiliated to international organizations including: Association of European Universities – EUA, Magna Charta Observatory, Danubian Rectors Conference – DRC, European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg – Austria, International Alliance for Medical Education Belt & Road – BRIMEA, and holds the vice-presidency of the European Federation of Schools – FEDE, a body participating in the work of the Council of Europe.

Mission and objectives

The fundamental mission of the Department of International Relations is in line with the University’s mission to strengthen participation in the international exchange of values, through international cooperation, to affirm membership in the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area. The Department of International Relations has the mission to ensure the development and development of academic collaboration relations of the Western University “Vasile Goldiş” in Arad with universities, research institutions, cultural and social institutions in Europe and around the world.

The Department of International Relations will support and promote the activities of European and international cooperation, access to lifelong learning, participating in their realization. The main objective of the International Relations department is to support the internationalization strategy of the University and to promote its image, as an institution of education, science and culture, both in the European space and globally.

The general objectives of the department are:

  • collaboration in the elaboration of the strategy of the Western University „Vasile Goldiş” from Arad in the field of international relations;
  • intensifying cooperation with educational institutions abroad by maintaining and developing relations with partner universities or organizations and establishing new collaborations, both at European and international level;
  • increasing the international visibility of UVVG by organizing symposia, conferences and summer schools with international participation, editing valuable publications, as well as improving the department’s website to reflect UVVG’s international activity;
  • increasing the prestige of the university by disseminating the results obtained by the academic community, through international partners, as well as at the level of other international forums;
  • facilitating inter-university mobility in the context in which the mobility of teachers, students and graduates is one of the important elements of the Bologna Process, influencing the quality of higher education and research, at European standards;
  • development of joint study programs between UVVG and European or worldwide universities (joint degrees);
  • inviting specialists from other countries as a visiting professor;
    participation of as many teachers as possible in renowned international conferences as keynote speakers;
  • participation in European and international programs funded by the European Union or other international bodies;
  • the affiliation of the University to new international bodies, both academic and professional;
  • developing the activity of the FEDE Department by implementing new courses;
  • development of the network of international cultural centers of the University;
  • developing the multicultural side of the university by organizing cultural-educational events;
  • attracting as many foreign students as possible for the study programs organized by the university faculties.

Internal Regulations