Kaplan Medical, SUA

United States Medical Licensing Examination


Kaplan Medical, SUA

United States Medical Licensing Examination

Following the partnership concluded between the “Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad and Kaplan Medical USA, the students of the Faculty of Medicine have the possibility to access the online database of USMLE online tests, for the evaluation of their knowledge and for the training for the USMLE exams.

Learn more and speak with a Kaplan Medical advisor to ask any questions and discuss how you can get started on your pathway to Medical Licensure in the United States.

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Further information and registration

Foreign Students’ Office, the Vasile Goldiş University Campus, 86 Liviu Rebreanu St., room B6 Rebreanu nr. 86, camera B6
Phone: 0257-217 029

About Kaplan Medical

“Vasile Goldis” Western University of Arad is proud to partner with Kaplan Medical to offer its medical, dental, nursing students and medical graduates a new series of online services, exclusive resources, and savings on select Kaplan courses. Kaplan courses are designed to help physicians and medical students score higher on the USMLE*, and obtain deeper insight into standards of care as well as common procedures and protocols in Western Medicine.

Kaplan Background

Kaplan Test Prep is a premier provider of educational and career services for individuals, schools and businesses. Established in 1938, Kaplan is the world leader in the test prep industry. With a comprehensive menu of online offerings as well as a complete array of print books and digital products, Kaplan offers preparation for more than 90 standardized tests, including entrance exams for secondary school, college and graduate school, as well as professional licensing exams for attorneys, physicians and nurses. Throughout its history Kaplan, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Graham Holding Co., has consistently expanded in both its size and scope and is now one of the largest and most diverse educational providers in the world with over 1 million students across 500 locations in more than 30 countries.

Medical Residency in the United States

International medical graduates (IMGs) consistently represent approximately one fourth of the physician workforce of the United States. To enter a residency training program, IMGs must be certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). These candidates must pass USMLE exams and graduate from a medical school that is recognized by and listed with ECFMG’s International Medical Education Directory (IMED). Only then can they receive a certificate which allows them to sit for the USMLE Step 3 exam and/or participate in a U.S. medical residency or fellowship program.

Attaining a medical residency in the US is very possible for international medical graduates but it requires a competitive application. In 2015, approximately 50% of international medical graduates obtained medical residency positions.
Critical Factors for successfully attaining a US Medical Residency are competitive USMLE scores and a complete and well done application. Kaplan Medical assists our students every step of the way to ensure they have the tools and support to be an exceptional candidate.

Over the coming years demand for post-graduate training among foreign-trained graduates is likely to remain strong, particularly with the belief that the U.S. will be facing a significant shortfall in trained physicians over the coming decades.

United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE). The USMLE is a multi-part professional exam designed to assess a physician’s ability to apply knowledge, concepts, and principles, and to determine fundamental patient-centered skills that are important in health and disease and that constitute the basis of safe and effective patient. Physicians with an M.D. degree are required to pass this examination before being permitted to practice medicine in the United States of America.

Step 1 – Basic Sciences

Step 2 CK – Clinical Knowledge

Step 2 CS – Clinical Skills

Step 3 – Final exam to obtain Medical Licensure

Kaplan Medical Tests

WHY Kaplan Medical?

At Kaplan Medical, our goal is to help improve patient care through excellence in medical education
Success on the USMLE Exam requires the ability to integrate your medical knowledge across topics. Only Kaplan can offer you the complete support you need throughout your Pathway to attaining a Residency. Our expert faculty, online tools and assessments exams and medical advising give you the personalized approach you need to achieve your goals.

Unmatched Expertise:
Our Master Faculty is made up of more than just teachers. It’s an elite group of MD, DO and PhD professionals who are experts in their fields. Together, they’ve taught over 145 years, helped tens of thousands of students, and they’re the backbone of our courses.

Top Quality Medical Education:
Kaplan offers the most up to date Medical content allowing students to integrate the knowledge necessary to succeed on the USMLE® exams.

Convenient Online Access:
Kaplan’s introduction of eBooks and the continued advancements to our online resources allow students to prepare efficiently and effectively.


Combine any option to create a “Plus Program”
All of Kaplan’s comprehensive options include access to:

Lecture Notes

Get updated volumes in print AND ebook packed with easy-to-understand color imageas and tables.

Diagnostic Test

Quickly understand your strengths and opporunities with 150 exam-like questions.

Assessment Exams

Know where you stand with over 700 exam-like questions.

Stimulated Exams

Know when you’re ready with our full length exams and complete explanations.


Eliminate test-day anxiety with thousands of exam-like questions and complete explanations.

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