European Federation of Higher Scools

Federația Europeană a Școlilor Superioare


With more than 50 years of experience and a wide network of both former students and the preuniversity and university institutions that are now members of this organisation, the Federation for Education in Europe (FEDE) is now present in 39 countries. A recognised organisation among European recruitment professionals and managers, FEDE is dedicated to promoting and presenting a modern and constantly updated model of education focused on adaptability to labour market requirements.


FEDE is an International Non-Governmental Organisation, which enjoys participatory status in the Council of Europe and plays a leading role in the creation of a common higher education area at international level. The President of FEDE is also Chair of the Committee on Education and Culture of the Council of Europe, thus the organisation has a strong influence in the development of education at European level.


The Federation for Education in Europe is a network of nearly 500 higher education and vocational education institutions dedicated to ensuring educational quality and sharing the goal of putting students at the heart of the education they provide.


FEDE offers over 120 different degrees in 12 programmes of excellence that have been carefully developed by and for experts. Select a FEDE degree today and be prepared for an international career tomorrow!


Since 1992 the “Vasile Goldiș” Western University of Arad has been a member of FEDE (Federation for Education in Europe).


Created in 1963, FEDE is an international non-governmental organisation with participatory status with the Council of Europe. Prof. Aurel Ardelean, President and Founding Rector of the “Vasile Goldiș” University of Arad, has been Vice President of FEDE, and since 2019, Prof. Coralia Adina Cotoraci, Rector and President of the Board of Directors of UVVG, has been elected Vice President of this organization.


Bringing together hundreds of independent higher education institutions from Council of Europe member countries, FEDE contributes to the realisation of a single European university area through single curricula completed by exams with single subjects for all member schools. Organised according to the rules and recommendations published by the European Union and the Council of Europe, the examinations leading to diplomas or certificates are open to students of our University.


  • To participate in the creation of a genuine European Higher Education Area
  • To defend the freedom of higher education
  • To develop student and teacher mobility
  • Create a network of universities to facilitate exchanges and meetings

The students of “Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad, through the F.E.D.E. Department of our University, have access to the preparation of European certificates in the following fields:

Certificate of European Culture and Citizenship (CCE)

This certificate allows the development of students’ knowledge about European culture and citizenship, being of real use in all fields exercised in the European area, while also meeting the requirements of European employers. Starting with the academic year 2019-2020, UVVG students can follow the European Culture and Citizenship course, which includes a chapter on legislative systems and the fight against corruption. UVVG was the first higher education institution to introduce this course in Romania.

This is a real asset for students, as the certification of foreign language skills is one of the basic requirements for obtaining a job in Romania or any other European country.

Certificates are available at B1, B2 levels according to CEFR for:

  • French language
  • English language
  • German language
  • Italian language

Starting with 2019, language proficiency certificates for French are recognised by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research and can only be obtained at UVVG. The certificate of linguistic competence for French language offered by FEDE is internationally recognised and is included in the list of certificates of linguistic competence accredited by the Francophone Institute for Education and Training.

The FEDE Department of the Western University “Vasile Goldiș” Arad, organized reciprocal student exchanges with universities in Europe. Thus, there have been student exchanges with universities in France (Rennes, Paris, Annecy) and training periods or summer schools have been organised with FEDE member institutions.


In addition to specialist knowledge, students also acquire foreign language skills, which are particularly important for the intellectual and cultural training of the individual.

The European competence of our students’ professional and linguistic knowledge is proved by the first place in the competition organised by FEDE on “The Charter of Fundamental Rights and European Citizenship”, obtained by our student Laura Ranca (graduate of the Faculty of Political Science) and medallist in Munich.

Sponsored Professional Internship Programme (P.E.P.S)

Students, who follow FEDE specialization courses at UVVG, can benefit from the Sponsored Professional Internship Program – PEPS offered by this organization. PEPS offers the opportunity to develop professional skills in a multicultural dimension, which leads to increased employment opportunities, diversification of knowledge in the field of study, and development of language skills.



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