In memoriam

Prof. PhD.

Aurel Ardelean

FOUNDING RECTOR - President of the Western
University “VASILE GOLDIȘ” from Arad

04.07.1939 - 26.12.2018


Our university was born starting from the ideas of Vasile Goldiș, who dreamed of a University for all the young people from Transylvania and Banat, which would give them the possibility to fulfill their destiny.

The good school, says Vasile Goldiş – the spiritual patron of our University, is the one that builds characters, spreads morals and plants ideally, and “The Romanian University is for us the superior synthesis of our cultural aspirations”.

True to this belief enunciated by Vasile Goldiș, the founding rector of the Western University “Vasile Goldiș” from Arad, prof. Univ. Dr. Aurel Ardelean, has fought with ambition and determination all his life to promote a higher quality education. He created a Transylvanian university out of nothing, on the frontispiece of which he named our great statesman Vasile Goldiș. He fought, to the last sigh, for the University he created to prosper, to grow, to develop, to be a landmark. On this difficult road he always found himself and continued to advance. She worked for an open, cosmopolitan University, a welcoming home for those who discover it.

Founding rector of the Western University “VASILE GOLDIȘ” from Arad, and later President of the university… this is how the people of Arad know Professor Aurel Ardelean, but he is certainly much more than that.

Professor Ardelean was a real “Man of the Citadel”, he was a responsible citizen, a model for his fellow citizens, sometimes understood by them, sometimes maybe not… If today Arad is recognized as a city of the Great Union – THE POLITICAL CAPITAL OF THE GREAT UNION thanks to Professor Ardelean, who together with other intellectuals of Arad laid the foundations of the University of Arad, which took the name of VASILE GOLDIȘ – the politician from Arad who in Alba Iulia proclaimed the GREAT UNION.

Professor Aurel Ardelean will always be present here, with us, and the Western University “VASILE GOLDIȘ”, founded on his initiative, will testify to his presence… He was a teacher by vocation, a persevering scientist, he got involved in politics convinced that politicians need to be made aware of the real values ​​of society bi you wonder how he managed to do so many things… he was at the office very early in the morning and left the office or the university / faculty / research center at night Late. He did not spare himself and did not spare those around him. It was very difficult to adapt to the pace of life of Professor Aurel Ardelean.

Let’s not forget the family. He was a Man of the family, trying to coagulate around its members… he was the “soul” of the FAMILY, this being the one who gave him the power to start from scratch – every day – every initiative, idea, project.