Entrepreneurship Center is a department of the Western University “Vasile Goldiș” in Arad (UVVG Arad), without legal personality, established in October 2015, which ensures the sustainability of entrepreneurial activities implemented by the university.

Developing and promoting partnerships with the business environment and the local community, in order to increase economic competitiveness, support and develop smart specialization of socio-economic sectors, as well as optimal integration and the highest professional standards of young graduates on the Romanian labor market and the European space – is the mission of the Center for Entrepreneurship.

The fundamental mission of the department is in accordance with the mission of the University, to strengthen the exchange of values, through international cooperation.


Development of the entrepreneurial activities of UVVG Arad, through specific actions of consultancy / assistance in business, research, development and innovation, respectively training and continuous improvement of adults in the entrepreneurial field;

Defining and promoting the “entrepreneurial offer” of UVVG Arad by organizing professional training courses, conducting studies / research, events and assistance – consultancy in setting up companies in which to involve students / masters, etc .;

Formation of transdisciplinary work teams for the implementation of “entrepreneurial offers” accepted by business partners and civil society, provision of services in the field to companies / organizations / institutions on a contract basis;

Collaboration with public institutions, local and county administrations, economic agents, NGOs with a role in implementing county and regional socio-economic policies and joint implementation of actions, conferences, symposia, workshops and other events on entrepreneurship;

Editing and printing publications, studies, analyzes, research reports of general interest, promotional and information materials of the Entrepreneurship Center.


The ENTREPRENEURSHIP CENTER within the “Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad, presents the partnership offer on the following topics:


  • joint collaboration of entrepreneurial activities, through consultancy / assistance, research, development and innovation, respectively training and continuous improvement in the entrepreneurial field;
  • support and support for the organization of professional training courses, studies / research, events and assistance – consultancy in the entrepreneurial field;
  • formation of work teams for the implementation of “entrepreneurial offers”, provision of services in the field on a contract basis;
  • joint collaboration of actions, conferences, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations, fairs and other events on Entrepreneurship topics;
  • business meetings (partnerships);
    information and training events (seminars, courses, conferences, forums, etc.);
  • organization of practical training activities for students enrolled at the Western University “Vasile Goldiş” in Arad, in accordance with the legal provisions in force;
  • analyzes, proposals for improvement in various economic fields (including elements of sustainability – environmental protection, labor force development, etc.);
  • negotiations with potential partners;
  • mobilization and participation of interested companies;
  • new product design and services;
  • granting the Company the right to install and display promotional materials within the faculties of the University and during the public events carried out by these faculties;
  • support and support for continuous professional training in order to constantly adapt and respond to the demands of economic development;
    schooling offer: www.uvvg.ro


  • support and joint support for participation in scientific events, in the form of symposia, conferences, scientific sessions, workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations, fairs;
  • implementation of practical actions;
  • company presentation, services and / or products, etc .;
    support and support for information and training events (seminars, courses, conferences, forums, etc.);
  • support and logistical support necessary for the organization of business events (conference rooms equipped with projection equipment, sound, etc.)
  • evaluation of events (evaluation questionnaires, interviews, reports, press files).

Courses and trainings:

  • initiation into Entrepreneurship;
  • initiation in business administration;
  • introduction to Financial-Accounting Management;
  • initiation in Auditing and accounting expertise;
  • Introduction to Marketing;
  • communication with customers (face-to-face, call center, etc.);
  • logistics and processes, modern business, production logistics;
  • innovation and creativity – methods and characteristic;
  • International Entrepreneurship, in the European Union and Romania.

Collaboration in the teaching process:

  • the participation of some specialists / practitioners from the company to support / present short-term course modules or applications, within the various specializations of the faculties within the “Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad;
  • the possibility of training some employees of the partner companies;
    dual education / specialization Economic Sciences – Complementary
  • Sciences (medicine, computer science, forestry, legal sciences);

Other requests for collaboration from the company:

  • providing assistance for the professional insertion of graduates,
  • interviews and informing them about the job offers in the company;
    analysis and identification of feasible scientific research projects, elaboration and implementation of projects with non-reimbursable financing;
  • information and training events (seminars, with


Increasing the notoriety of the “Vasile Golidș” Western University of Arad, as a community and entrepreneurial university.

Intensifying the links with the business environment and the local community at the level of each faculty in order to obtain income from entrepreneurial activities.

Formation of transdisciplinary teams of business specialists, teachers, students and master students to intensify the participation of the Western University “Vasile Golidș” in Arad, in solving common problems of the socio-economic environment in Western and Northwestern Romania.


  • Business environment;
  • Local and regional public authorities;
  • Teachers, researchers, students, master’s students, doctoral students and other social categories, from the region, country and abroad.

Assoc. Marius BOIŢĂ

“Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad, Romania

Phone: 0745.581.541
E-mail: bmarius1963@yahoo.com ; antreprenoriat@uvvg.ro
Website: https://www.uvvg.ro/entrepreneurship-center/?lang=en

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